Spiritual life coaching – what makes the right transformational course?

Written by Anne M
January 3, 2024

Like the butterfly that emerges from its cocoon, true transformation is a sight to behold. It’s wonderful, enriching, empowering. Seeing the butterfly for the first time, you would never think about its previous, potentially harrowing, journey, and the pain and the anguish it has suffered. It is often said that butterflies never see their wings so they cannot see how beautiful they are. The same can be said for people. The role of a spiritual life coach is to hold the metaphorical mirror up and say, ‘Wow. Look at you. Look what you’ve achieved and look what you’re becoming.’


True transformation will be high up on the wish-list of a person looking to engage your services. They find themselves in this position because they are unfulfilled, unhappy, incomplete. They want and need more, to lighten the load weighing them down and to embrace life in all its glory. So, what should a good transformational coaching experience entail to achieve optimum satisfaction and success?


It needs to cover transformational practices, methods and theories. By applying them, it’ll enable the client to come to terms with things they may have been running away from and will provide self-reflection and insight into their world and how their life is being lived. Having a competent grasp of such transformational methods will hugely help you and, as your experience widens, you may tweak and mould such methods to fit your way of practicing, but the underpinning concepts will be the same.


The way in which you learn will be an indicator of success. Highly reputable and experienced trainers in your corner and at your disposal will improve your skills no end. To learn and observe from the best in their field will be something you can’t put a price on. Watching how they empower a person to transform will be a special experience.


You should be provided with ample opportunities to get out there and stuck into what matters – coaching clients one-to-one. This is the best way to learn and to develop personally and professionally. You will be encouraged to do this by your trainers. As part of the process, you should also see what it is like to be coached, the perfect way to empathise with clients – putting yourself in their shoes. How does it feel? How did it help?


Having a mentor by your side every step of the way will be pivotal and highly motivating. They’ve been there and look what they have achieved. Like-wise, having the support from fellow students and peers will create your own network and offer chances to seek opinions, advice and guidance.


With the Soul Awakening Academy you will not only learn how to be a spiritual life coach you will learn how to do it well. By using signature coaching methods and tools, you’ll be equipped to help people transform and improve their lives. You’ll learn:


  • Our bespoke coaching model, S.E.T., and how to use it productively and efficiently
  • How visualisation can be used
  • Understanding emotions and defining values
  • Understanding inner-critics and limiting beliefs
  • How to use energy management
  • Building rapport and being a better/effective communicator
  • Self-discovery
  • A complete arsenal of coaching tools and methods you could ever wish to need, all tried and trusted many times


Do you feel ready to undertake the most fulfilling and biggest challenge of your life to date? If you’re open to and receptive to change, have a positive mindset, a hard worker and enjoy seeing others thrive, then you probably are ready. The path to transformation takes one small step, one foot in front of the other. You can totally transform your life and help others to do the same. You can stand up and be the leader and the encourager you were born to be.


If you’re interested in training with the Soul Awakening Academy, watch this video in the link below to give you more of an understanding:




You can book in with me via the link below to have a ‘virtual coffee’ where we can have a chat and discussion about if the course is the best fit for you:












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