Training with us will never be so rewarding, encouraging, motivating and challenging. You may find that you will push through your own imposed limitations and embark on a journey of true self-discovery and reflection. Our training methods are open, safe, comfortable, practical, engaging and interactive.


What goes on in the training sessions will give you an enriching platform to build a successful spiritual life coaching career. We ask you to open your mind and embrace the methods we teach and in return we offer an empowering learning experience that will open so many doors and arm you with the tools to build and create a sustainable life brimming with abundance.


Our training:


  • Includes demonstration of methods
  • Offers ample mentoring and supervision
  • Creates long-lasting and respectful relationships between trainers and students
  • Explores different methods, ideas and tools
  • Although there is a structured approach, the course is both proactive and reactive and can be adapted around the needs of the students
  • Is underpinned by an element of trusting relationships
  • An encouraging and interactive teaching environment and everyone will be encouraged to share ideas and thoughts
  • Is mostly taught in-person by a highly qualified and experienced trainer, supplemented by online discussions, webinars and seminars
  • All students will be supported at all times


If you’re interested in training with the Soul Awakening Academy, watch this video in the link below to give you more of an understanding:


You can book in with me via the link below to have a ‘virtual coffee’ where we can have a chat and discussion about if the course is the best fit for you:


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