Spiritual life coaching: What’s it all about and how might I benefit from being one?

Written by Anne M
January 5, 2024

We often find ourselves contemplating and pondering about what the secret to a successful and fulfilled life is. You know when you daydream and stare into space and suddenly in your mind you’re living how you believe your life should be; wealth and prosperity, an abundance of sun-kissed holiday destinations, the perfect career that leaves others seething with envy. You might see others seemingly living the perfect existence and wonder how they have it all and how they got it. Why can’t you? What makes them so special? We might be living a routine and mundane existence, simply surviving, getting through the days without feeling a true sense of purpose. Feeling sluggish, numb, void of positive emotion, lacking enthusiasm. The ennui of life might have started to seep through and when you look in the mirror you wonder where you’ve gone and, most importantly, how do you become the real you, the you that you have always yearned to be.


We shouldn’t have to just survive; we need to thrive. To fully appreciate life and to wring every single inch of happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction out of it. We are only here for a short time so we should be spending it doing things that make us smile and warm our hearts. To have regret would be such a waste, don’t let it be about the should-haves and the could-haves. Do you really want to resent who you are because you didn’t take chances, opportunities, and give yourself the enriching life you deserve and are entitled to? So, what if those daydreams you’re having could come to fruition? What if we could literally think our perfect life into existence and manifest many wonderful things? Is that making you sit up and take notice because it should be? Thoughts become things and every single thing manifested started out with just one thought. Once you are conscious of your thoughts they can very easily be a reality, it’s just a case of knowing how to match your vibration with your desires and align yourself.


Now, just imagine living your best life, crammed with abundance and endless chances to shine. How does it look? How does it feel? If you have positive emotions attached to it then it’s meant to be, that’s where you should be focussing your energy. Can you imagine helping others get that buzz, to help them find their true purpose in life? To look in the mirror and when they think of their accomplishments and how they’re attaining their hopes and dreams, they beam proudly. Do you sigh whenever you hear someone talk about what they want to do but quickly talk themselves out of it because it’s impossible? The very word ‘impossible’ can also be interpreted as ‘I’m Possible’, and isn’t that a much more favourable outlook and approach? If you crave to help others and empower them to take control and create their best existence, then maybe spiritual life coaching is a career you should seriously consider.


So, what exactly is a spiritual life coach? If we break it down, at the very core, it’s about working with people on what it is they want to do and be. Many of us don’t know, we may have a rough idea of what we think will excite us, but it can be tough pinpointing what will give us meaning, purpose and what will make us bounce out of bed every morning. A spiritual life coach will guide you to determine what it is you’re most passionate about and how to hone that passion to make it happen. Once that process has taken place, a solid and concise plan of action will be formulated and you’ll know what steps need to be undertaken in order to reach those goals and desires. It’s at this point that the spiritual laws will be learned; laws which basically mean the difference between success and failure. These laws are invisible but once you’re familiar with them, it’s like being let in on the best secret ever. You’ll learn how to channel them to your advantage to gain success in your life, a good spiritual life coach will show you how to use them for you, not against you to self-sabotage.


Part of the process is recognising that certain old beliefs, behaviours, actions, fears and habits may have been a hindrance to you all along, that they have been holding you back and not letting you go. The coach will help you find out what these are – you may not have a clue – and form a plan to drive ahead, finally side-lining them and leaving them for dust!


Here are some frequently asked questions about spiritual life coaching, hopefully, they will give the answers you need to take that leap and consider this exciting and fruitful career.


Can’t people just go out and buy a self-help book?


Self-help books are very generalised and can’t take into account your personal circumstances, goals, issues, etc. There’s an awful lot of information in them and you’re left to absorb its contents by yourself, you may struggle to understand the key concepts whereas a coach is on hand to fully explain and help break it down. A coach’s job is to hold you accountable, there’s no shying away, you have a rock-solid plan, a route of how to get there and someone to ask you where you’re at.


What kind of issues can be solved?


There’s no definitive list, it can be applied to anything. The universal laws will be your friend if you’re struggling with any issue, such as:


  • Health issues that won’t go away
  • Stuck in a general life rut
  • Feeling trapped in a dead-end job
  • Wanting to find your soulmate
  • A desire to shed feelings of doubt, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, fear, etc
  • Confusion about who you are or what you want to do
  • Constantly feeling stressed
  • Stuck in a vicious cycle and not being able to accomplish anything
  • Laden with money problems and no clue how to get on top of it


Is it like therapy?


A therapist will delve into your past experiences and analyse where you may have negative emotions and then help you to move past these so that they no longer have any hold over you and affect your ability to function and live your life freely. A spiritual life coach will, of course, examine all this and show you how to learn from ALL experiences, good and bad, and look at how you would ideally love your life to be and find the best course of action to get you there.


With the sky being the limit, and then some, imagine what a spiritual life coach can help a person to achieve:


  • A rewarding and profitable career
  • A thriving existence
  • A life full of abundance and opportunities
  • A loving relationship
  • A life of purpose
  • Vibrant health
  • A feeling of contentment, satisfaction and pride


Many people may believe they simply wouldn’t have the time to engage the services of a spiritual life coach. Time is very much what we make of it. Every one of us gets the same amount but we will choose what to do with it very differently. We might not realise how easy it is to free up time. When we take stock of what’s important and the bigger picture, investing time in something which can radically change your life for the better, it’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? If we want to do something, we make the time for it. You just have to prioritise yourself and visualise how amazing it will be when you can finally say. ‘Yes, I did it. I invested in ME and so many wonderful things flow easily to me. I am a magnet for love, gratitude, abundance, health and prosperity. I LOVE life.’


A spiritual life coach will guide someone and talk through the principles of the universal laws and how to arrive at that dream destination. The time it takes to manifest is down to the person being coached, how they take action and learn the principles and how driven they are towards what they want.


If you’re interested in training with the Soul Awakening Academy, watch this video in the link below to give you more of an understanding:




You can book in with me via the link below to have a ‘virtual coffee’ where we can have a chat and discussion about if the course is the best fit for you:




For more information on our fully accredited Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Psychology Diploma click on this link:




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