Thought being spiritual was easy! Time to think again!

Written by Anne M
October 4, 2018

Spirituality is big business in modern culture, wherever you go you come across new ways to enrich your life, with new methods of healing and transforming your existence popping up on almost a daily basis, and as we moved into the New Age movement or the Age of Enlightenment (whatever you want to call it) it’s hard to navigate through what’s real and helpful, and what really isn’t. I look at some ‘Spiritual’ people and ‘Non-spiritually’ acclaimed people with confusion at times, how can we tell what is legitimate from what is just self-serving?

You can almost believe from looking around that it is more of a fashion statement to be spiritual these days! But do these people actually live by their principles? Are they really any happier? Maybe they are not sure yet what they are looking for but are simply hoping to find some peace in their world, and that is a right we all have – to find and maintain our true path in life.

So, should spiritual people have principles, and how should these be dictated? For me, the hardest principle to live by is fully seeing and understanding the bigger picture, especially when the shit hits the fan!  When you have to face into extremely tough life challenges and life-changing decisions, or even every-day crisis like how to put food on the table, that is when you realise how far along your path of self-actualisation you really are.

Spiritually-curious people like myself can have a really tough time being human. This is because being human means coming up against emotional challenges that test you to your very core.
If that core craves being something more because it recognises it is capable of something more, then people, situations, life etc will keep testing the arse off you until you finally surrender to your divine purpose. The key thing is to stop trying to control everything and believe that everything is just as it should be, the river of your life is running in the right direction. The pain you feel comes from self-actualising rather than by seeing situations clearly.  You need to ask yourself this question, am I honouring my true feelings or masking them with human intention?

Ignoring the message that life is trying to send you or trying not to read the writing on the wall is a blocker to feeling your way around your spirituality and true-path – start believing in your own intuition and let the true messages of your life flow.

My unique range of courses and workshops are designed to work deeply with you at core level for life-changing transformation.  It doesn’t matter whether you are already on your healing path or just starting out, I know that we can achieve amazing things together. To start your life-changing transformation,




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