Coaching is a rewarding career just like other careers. That having been said, as a practitioner you must choose the best coaching niche well. This is because just like other careers, there are some employers who will pay more than another other, and this is based on the skills you are offering.

Let’s, for example, take a medical career. There are Cardiologists and a Gynecologists. The two receive different salaries, and I am sure a cardiologist will earn more based on demand and the skill they provide. Similarly, a coach must choose wisely the niche that he wants to venture so as to earn more. But of course, that does not mean you go to a niche that pays more yet your passion is not based on the job. Here are some of the things you must check and be sure of when choosing a coaching niche.

Passion Is Always Number One

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You might choose a niche because it is a top income generating coaching niche, but you don’t have a passion for the method. What happens? You will quickly lose a taste for what you are doing and end up getting of business. On the other side, you might force yourself and manage to fake the passion, but you don’t offer relevant coaching. In the long run, no one is consulting you, and you easily become irrelevant. On the contrary, you are able to offer the best services, and you grow your network based on referrals from other people.

How Many People Need Your Skill?

Don’t venture into a niche that you will not easily get clients. This is just like enrolling in a course where you will not get a chance to practice the skill. Therefore do some background checks just to ascertain that there are people who need the skills. Otherwise, you might end up earning very little since there is no demand over time.

What Are the Available Life Coaching Niches?

There are several niches that can allow you a chance to practice. These are based on different aspects of life, and they pay differently. Some of the best top paying niches are:

Christian Success Coaching

There are several Christians looking for people to coach them in different aspects of Christianity. This is the reason why there is high demand, and there is a low supply of Christian based coaches, this is a high paying niche.

Wealth Coaching

Everywhere you go people are talking about how to accumulate more wealth. Therefore, people have a thirst for the know-how, and this pays more because it touches matters around money.

Health and Wellness Coaching

This is a lucrative career and this is because there are many people facing life-threatening diseases who need to be coached. Therefore the career pays more.

Other high paying niches within coaching are:

  1. Weight loss coaching
  2. Success coaching
  3. Life coaching and several others.

The low paying coaching niches are:

  1. Chronic illness recovery coaching
  2. Transformational coaching
  3. Organisational coaching
  4. Marriage recovery coaching

Therefore, when choosing a niche to specialise in, you should obey your passion, and also survey what the market has to offer. This is a career like others and you will succeed.

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