It is entirely possible, and ethical, to combine your healing abilities and the ability to create a successfully abundant business.  It just takes a little time, patience and a whole lot of self-learning.  If you want to get started on your journey, here are my top tips for getting the balance right.

1 What is your brand identity trademark? Is it you or do you have a logo or image that represents who you are and what you do? This is really worth thinking about as you want your business to stand out and reflect who you are.

2 what does this brand or image say about you? How many trusted friends, colleagues, family members have you asked the opinion of? How clear are you on the questions you are asking? Really get people to think carefully. For example, if it is about the logo ask. ‘What does this logo say to you?’ Rather than do you like this logo?

3 Create a vision and values statement. Even if you are the only person who ever sees this it will keep you focused and in alignment with your goals. When things get tough in business (and they most likely will) it will be the ideal affirmation or empowerment reminder as to why you are putting in all the blood, sweat and tears. It’s so important to always have sight of what your personal and company values are. This will motivate any great decisions you make within the company. For instance, maybe you have a value of freedom or authenticity, but you get offered an opportunity that would challenge that. This will help influence your decision.

4 Are your messages on Social Media consistent with your brand message and values? Are you using social media to post a clear concise message to your followers or are you posting about random events, hobbies and rants that have but have no relevance to your cause? This will create confusion as to what you really stand for and who you are. You may want people to see you in a certain light, be known for a particular passion but unless the messages you give out are in line with that passion you may confuse people and damage your brand credibility.

5 Are you able to be totally open and honest about your own healing journey or do you paint a perfect picture of ‘I am OK but you are not OK’? People will be drawn to you for your authenticity, not your mask. Be prepared to be vulnerable and real if you feel it will help others who have been through similar situations, especially if this is the core of your business. Your brand will sell you and you are your own story. How much you are willing to share is of course up to you but reveal what you feel comfortable with and take a look at it if you feel any sense of shame attached to it. It is your life and we are all human, so we can only change the consciousness of humanity by accepting all parts of us and this is a fundamental part of teaching others self-acceptance too.

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