What Type of Hero Are You?

You are a hero!


Let’s face it, we all know that life is never going to be all smooth sailing and the odd difficulty and curve ball coming our way is pretty much inevitable, and never more so than over the past months with all the uncertainty of the pandemic.  But how we perceive these challenges directly determines the extent to which we suffer, and ultimately, whether we succeed or fail in overcoming them. Maybe you view heroes as those who have superhuman powers such as the ability to fly or slay dragons? But, what if everyone is born a hero?  What if it’s just a matter of tapping into that hidden potential to discover the hero inside of you?


Although you may not realise it, every single victory you achieve, whether big or small, is another step further forwards on your own personal Hero’s Journey.  It can be something as ‘insignificant’ as managing to get everyone ready to go out to school and work on time, to the really ‘big’ things like getting your dream job or passing an exam.


The idea of the Hero’s Journey was created by renowned mythologist and transcendental author, Joseph Campbell, in his book ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’.  He applied insights of psychology to his study of mythology, folklore and religious traditions from around the world and broke down well known myths and stories into a 12 step Hero’s journey that can be applied to our everyday lives. Our own personal Hero’s Journey is also about a quest and a search for answers, clarity and to create meaning or reach a goal.  For each of us, the Hero’s Journey is something that is totally applicable and relatable to us personally at each and every stage of our lives.

A great tool to use when you need to overcome one of the many challenges life throws at you, is by perceiving yourself as the hero of a great, mythical journey called your life. You might not be slaying dragons, saving civilisation or the person of your dreams, but the obstacles you face in everyday life are equally as daunting and at times, just as scary.


Wherever you find yourself on your own personal adventure, the Hero’s Journey teaches that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, with all you need to take the next step to reach your ultimate goal.


If you’d like to learn more about the 12 steps of the Hero’s Journey, you’ll find a whole section dedicated to doing just that in Anne-Marie’s new book, “Soulful, Spiritual, Mindful and Masterful: Your Soul Awakening guide to find your spiritual purpose, your true self and happiness, balance chakras and develop amazing gifts”. It’s so much more than just a book!  It’s a guide that will take you on a transformational spiritual journey where you will discover the power of the Chakras, learn about your guides, connecting to your higher self, as well as more about the Hero’s Journey and how it relates to your life.


And if all that wasn’t enough, it includes a 12 month journal where you can record every step of your journey on a weekly and monthly basis, with space to keep a note of your daily intuitive reminders.  It will become your go to space to keep track of your own personal spiritual journey and will form a permanent record of your growth and self-discovery that you can look back on in years to come.


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