Happy Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day?   

This can bring up so much emotion for good and for bad.

If you know my story, then you will know my Mother was only 14yrs when she gave birth to me!

Imagine the fear and terror, she was still a child.

I was taken from her, unwilling, and given up for adoption. Later to be placed into the Care System.

She left home at 16yrs old and her life took a different turn. She never spoke to her Mother again.

Can you imagine the ancestral pain of abandonment and loss that flooded the female line from that one event.

The Karma that was to pass down the female line through my DNA ready to be opened and activated through the birth of my own children.

The wound & Karmic debt was huge.

The Divine Feminine was wounded for us all and for my future generations if I hadn’t done the work and healed the Female Karma.

It is no wonder I had postnatal depression after the birth of my Son.

I didn’t feel good enough to be a Mother. I wanted to run away and abandon my son as this is all I knew.

BUT, I didn’t.

I went down the path of healing and spirituality.

I healed my open, energetic wounds and claimed back my power to not inflict the same pain on my child.

In this email I have gifted you a deep healing Meditation normally only available in my Spiritual Coaching or Meditation Teacher Diploma.

The recording is available for 48hrs.

Let me know you thoughts. I hope it helps you heal and claim back your Divine Feminine too.

Listen to the Meditation here.

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