Do you find yourself wishing for something more in life?  Whether it’s relationships, career or something that will help you to feel more fulfilled and give you more purpose, if you’re feeling restless and searching for that elusive ‘something’, it’s likely that deep inside you’re on a quest to discover your true soul purpose.

Your soul purpose is the reason you are here on Earth living this life and for most of us, even though we may not realise it, every action we have ever taken up until this time is made in order to achieve our true soul purpose.

The journey to discovering your true soul purpose can sometimes be long and arduous and is known as the ‘Hero’s Journey’*, but when you eventually discover your true soul purpose, you will certainly feel it deep within your heart and soul.

How do you do it?  Let’s take a look at ways in which you can begin your quest.

Your soul purpose is the reason you are here and it’s the lessons you have already learned on your own journey that will allow you to share your gift with others in order to transform their lives.

What is it that you are learning in your life?  Are you learning resilience? Patience? How to offer love or healing? Take a moment to ask yourself, what is it that I am learning to do?  This is what you are teaching others and is one of your gifts.

Often, the people around us see our light and purpose before we do, so it’s good to ask someone else to identify the strengths that you may not even have considered you have. 

Your soul’s mission on Earth is to find how to live your purpose to bring the most joy, love, and happiness both to you and to others.  Is your present knowledge and ability something that you could build upon that would allow you to bring your skills to more people?  Is there something about helping others that brings you immense joy and fulfilment? Perhaps you already do it for a living, and if not, could you?

If the thought of healing and transforming the lives of others is what makes your heart and soul sing, it’s a sign that this could be the next step to take towards discovering your true soul purpose.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, you have the opportunity to do something amazing that can literally transform your life and lead you to discovering your true soul purpose.  If you’ve not thought about your gifts like this before, why not take a look at the free 4 part training videos and find out how you could become the catalyst for change in yourself and others.

If you’ve watched the videos, it’s time to find out more about how you can make a difference, overcome any self-limiting beliefs and step into your true soul purpose as a qualified Master Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Psychologist.

Let your Hero’s Journey begin …


PS  *You can read more about the ‘Hero’s Journey’ in Anne-Marie’s new book – Soulful, Spiritual, Mindful and Masterful: Your Soul Awakening guide to find your spiritual purpose, your true self and happiness, balance chakras and develop amazing gifts.  Buy your copy here.