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Written by Anne M
November 30, 2018

How the Soul Awakening Academy Can Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening and Help You With Your Coaching Skills

Here at the Soul Awakening Academy,  we embrace those who want to lead a more fulfilling life and discover their true potential.  We embrace those that want to find their purpose, passion and meaning, and to be of service to others whilst still living an abundant life. If you feel you have reached a point in your life or career where you feel a need to fulfil that part of you that craves to tap into your spiritual gifts and healing abilities, you are at the right place.

How Spirituality Can Help You Become a Better Coach?

spiritual life coach training

Achieve your full potential and train as a spiritual life coach


We are here to help you enhance your healing abilities by training as a Spiritual Life Coach or Energy Healer and help you create a business & brand through the power of your self discovery journey. With a unique style of training, Anne-Marie offers you a chance to learn about the latest developments in healing & transformational coaching. Taking her extensive knowledge and skills from the field of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology, Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Bio Medicine & Acupuncture you will be able to learn from personal experience of working with clients using these modalities and also experience the uniqueness of Anne-Marie’s style of healing & coaching.

How Can You Reveal the Purpose of Your Soul?

We all have the ability to develop our sixth sense, intuition and healing abilities. Quantum Physics tells us that everything is energy in one form or another; either as a wave or a particle. We are all electrically charged beings that emit an electromagnetic field, as does every other living thing and person on the planet. Our field is affected by our thoughts, feelings and emotions and the environment. You can raise your energy field by learning about your Chakra system, Auric field, Quantum Physics & energy healing.

You can learn how to tap into the unified field of consciousness that underlies every last thing in the universe and connects everything from the Microscopic (the smallest thing in nature) to the Macroscopic (the largest thing in the cosmos). This is something old age Newtonian Physics could not explain before the New Age of enlightenment and Quantum Physics.

Everything is evolving; technology, consciousness and YOU.

Is it time for you to your personal strengths and unlock  your full potential.

Join me on the next Life Coach Master Practitioner Course, or check out my online courses.

Looking forward to meeting the New You!


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