How Discovering the Soul Awakening Method Changed My Life And Can Change Yours, Too

Written by Anne M
March 31, 2019

If you are feeling out of alignment, seeking a deeper purpose, you need to know that you are not alone. I have been there. Having overcome some of the most painful challenges in my life through learning and self improvement, I made it my personal mission to help other women do the same, using my Soul Awakening Method (c). Through my personal journey, I learned about how anyone can turn negative experiences into a positive, successful, and abundant life. Learn more about my transformation below to understand more.

Your Past Should Not Define Your Future

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Discover your true life purpose

Statistically, for people like me, the odds of achieving any kind of success are pretty slim. I was taken from my natural mother at 2 weeks old and placed in an institution. I was later adopted, then placed back into care at age 11. I was the definition of a ‘wild child’, cutting school, back chatting, smoking, going missing for days – I just didn’t want to go home.

Looking back, I had been adopted into a good family, and part of me wishes I had realised it then. I don’t remember much about the time I spent in care, not even the name of the kids I hung out with, we were lost, vulnerable and broken. There was one defining conversation with an older member of staff and unbeknown to me it would later would later save my life. Seven small words that had no meaning at the time, but planted that was to develop over me life, You can move mountains with your mind.’ I had no idea what she meant at the time, but over the years I have learnt more about the power of the soul and mind.

During my teenage years, I got placed back to my natural birth father’s family, and this is when things went from bad to worse. He was not the perfect father by any sense of imagination. I had to fend for myself most of the time, had no parental support, not to mention that I was being used by my father for a number of illegal activities to feed his Heroin addiction. As every child, I wanted to feel loved and wanted, but I was just a tool and felt disposable.

I was lucky to return to my adoptive family in my late teens and get my life back on track. The love and support they offered was amazing; they allowed me to forge my own path and supported me every step of the way.

Seeking fulfillment  – or trying to escape my past – I decided to move to Spain in my 20s.

It was a time that completely changed me. However, what had started as a dream come true soon fell apart. One evening I found myself sat on the top of a cliff overlooking the sea, asking myself: what if I jumped?

Who would miss me?

Why would anyone care?

Would anyone even notice if I was gone?

I felt that old feeling back again, that deep, deep sense of loneliness, abandonment and worthlessness. As I watched the Sun set i felt a sense of connection with the earth and the sun and I didn’t feel so alone. I felt connected and I felt a sense of empowerment. Why I didn’t jump into the depths of the Mediterranean, I still don’t know for definite, but I know one thing for sure, I was meant for greater things. So are you.

When I returned to the UK, I had a plan. I knew that deep inside I had a purpose I had decided to take control of my life and that I was here for a reason, I wasn’t quite sure what that purpose was but I knew that profound experience on the top of the cliff  was a guided message for me to fulfill the reason I was here and had experienced so much pain and rejection.

In my early 20s, I built a hugely financially successful business for myself and reaped the material rewards, but I still felt lost, empty and unable to manage a deep fear of my own vulnerability. I masked this well and came across as someone extremely confident, someone who had it all.

My Personal Struggles

overcoming limiting thoughts

your soul has the ability to heal

By my late 20s, I had my first child, Marcus whom I describe as the key that unlocked my caged heart. It was painful and post-natal depression caused me to face my demons and my deep insecurities head on. A new mum, I suffered in silence with thoughts of my own abandonment that raced through my head. Looking at my perfect baby, I felt he deserved better than me, that I was sure to let him down and be a failure to him. I felt totally unloveable and unable to let love in. Thoughts of leaving plagued my mind, I felt like an imposter, any former identity of myself was built on sand and was sinking fast.

My experience of transformation came with the dark knight of the soul as I commenced on a challenging road to finding my true self. Everything that I had built or worked for was destroyed along with my marriage and business. I say the path was dark, because all my passion for healing, angels, spirituality got thrown out of the window as I shut out the world for several years,  just about surviving. I could best describe the experience like climbing out of a dark hole one fingernail at a time. I had two options; sit and wallow and continue on a downward spiral or see this as an opportunity to recreate my life. I decided on the latter.

Your Soul Has the Ability to Heal

discovering your purpose

becoming a holistic life coach

My life was changed forever after this experience and I worked hard on my self development, seeing myself as my own research project! I had to face the story I was telling myself of self hate, worthlessness and rejection. I had to stop rejecting me and love. It took a long time, but eventually I began to like, love, accept and value the person I truly was, something I had never done before, and maybe never would have, unless this going through this journey.

In my early 30s, I discovered that there was so much more to life than what you are taught at school. I learnt more and more about spirituality and discovered that we are all spiritual beings.I had a profound life changing experience during a Reiki session when I was pregnant and – although I had had quite a few out of body and paranormal experiences in my childhood – this confirmed to me we are not just our physical body. This experience set me off on a dedicated path to understand the body, mind and spirit. I studied a variety of different spiritual techniques over the years; from Reiki, E.F.T to Hypnotherapy I even studied Bio Medicine, Naturopathy & Acupuncture and followed my passion to help myself and others. This is when the Soul Awakening Method really began.

Changing Your Future and Shifting Your Focus

Sometimes we have to go through painful experiences to discover our true calling and to cultivate the strengths needed to continue in the face of adversity. Life does not stop challenging you to dig deeper.  This happened to me when I reached the age of 40.

At 40, I was a newly single mum, my one to one coaching business was thriving and I found myself in a place of having to juggle everything on my own. It was all overwhelming and I was at a scary place. Looking back over my life, nothing was ordinary, and I’d lived a thousand different lives in those 40 years, but despite that feeling of panic and fear in the pit of my stomach I knew I had more to give when I held my new baby girl in my arms. It was a sign for a new beginning.

I made it my life’s mission to learn how to undo learnt behaviours and thought patterns that hold us back. I wanted to share my compassion with the world, and decided to create the Soul Awakening Academy.

Rewrite Your Story with the Soul Awakening Academy

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life story and finding your purpose

I truly believe that there’s no greater journey in life than discovering your true potential and becoming the person you were always meant to be. Your gifts and talents are usually a result of your scars. The pain you go through can be used to help other people as it cultivates compassion, empathy and respect for the other person.

I know first-hand exactly how powerful the mind is, how it can work against you as much as for you, what self-limiting thoughts are, and what they can do to you. I’ve studied what defensive layers are and how to dissolve them by connecting to your true essence and light, and this is why –  many years later – I am able to help people along their own journey of self-discovery.

“Your soul has a destiny and you are ready to begin this journey that will bring you boundless happiness, real inner peace and the ability to reach that potential in others.”

Get in touch to get a brochure of our Soul Awakening Method (c), or contact me to find out about our free taster session here, at the Soul Awakening Academy.

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