Okay, so you made that all-important decision to radically transform your life for the better. The next crucial step to make is finding the best coach possible. After all, you’re going to be spilling your secrets to this person and laying yourself bare, trusting them to guide you on an all-encompassing spiritual journey. Getting the right coach could mean the difference between success and failure so how on earth do you go about doing this?


You must ask yourself WHY you want a coach, what you are hoping to achieve? Are you able to whittle right down what it is that you’re hoping to get out of the experience? The more concise you can be, the more fruitful your search will be. Knowing from the get-go what, why, who and how is the key.


Next, have you considered the potential qualities and attributes of a coach? What about their experience; do they need to have been practising for years or are you fine with a newbie? When you think of a coach, can you describe them? If someone were to ask you to note three things you wanted the coach to have, what would they be? Maybe you would like a highly specialised coach or maybe you would like one who uses a range of methods. Are you happy with any gender or is that not topping your list of priorities? How about actual sessions; are you after face-to-face or Skype or another type of video calling to save time travelling to and from locations.


You can’t beat solid recommendations and this is a great point to start. Ask around, your family, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances. Chances are, someone will know someone. It’d be absolutely wonderful if you could meet someone who’s been through the experience and has nothing but positive words to say. They’ve been there, done that, changed their life. You may find yourself investigating several companies, picking through their website with a fine toothcomb, reading testimonials.


Coaching directories can be an invaluable resource. The Soul Awakening Academy has its own directory of fully qualified and accredited spiritual life coaches. People who have completed our courses have a listing within that and we can verify their accreditation and we know that they have received top-quality training and have all the necessary skills and knowledge to coach. There isn’t a requirement to train to be a coach as such, but knowing they have undertaken the extensive training package will reveal all you need to know about their intention to be the best they can be and their dedication and motivation to want to help people change their lives and to be integral in their transformation. We are fiercely proud of our coaches and can wholeheartedly state they are all wonderful ambassadors of the Soul Awakening Academy.


A good coach will usually offer a free consultation before the process commences and is an excellent opportunity to get a feel for each other. Being able to sit down face-to-face with a cuppa will give ample opportunity to see if there is a connection, a willingness to work closely together and a synergy – after all, you’re going to be going through a lot together and both investing valuable time and energy so it’s got to feel right. Once you have chosen your coach you can then work through cost, sessions, frequency of sessions and iron out any other circumstances. Then the journey can really begin.

Check out our directory of spiritual life-coaches waiting to work with you here.