You may have given serious consideration to this rewarding career but maybe you’re wondering if you’d make a good one. Any aching desire to be a good coach is a pretty positive indication of your willingness to become one. What better way to start.


The Soul Awakening Method is wholly spiritual and aims to reconnect clients with their soul, to allow them to become one, to transform into the best version of themselves. If you desire to be at the forefront, helping them do just that, this career could be ideal for you.


Skills can be learned and our training diplomas take care of that. The comprehensive modular diplomas outlay everything you could possibly hope to learn and more about spiritual life coaching. You will be fully armed with the ability to use the differing methods. In addition to your newly acquired skillset, it is vital to display the right attributes and characteristics such as:


  • A genuine interest in people and a willingness to help them
  • Seeing people fulfilled and happy gives you energy and a buzz
  • A curiosity about how people view the world
  • A positive mindset
  • A staunch belief that people are able to change
  • Ability to actually listen to people and understand what they have said to you
  • The ability to be self-reflective
  • Knowing the right questions to ask that will draw the necessary information out of people


Of course, every single person is different and that should be celebrated. If you’re determined to make lives better, the Soul Awakening Method would love to welcome you and enjoy training you to be one of our ambassadors. If you’d like more information, contact us today and we can take the first step.

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