Learning to heal with your light is not that difficult and you may use the light in your energy for healing treatments if you wish. This is an optional addition for healers; as there are a number of healers who do not use light but give beneficial treatments. You can make use of your light to heal especially if you already had the urge to make use of it. If you are vigilant enough, you should have seen the light as you have controlled the energy. Therefore, if you feel an affinity for it or you feel it is natural for you to use your light, it will be very beneficial if you could start using it for treatments.

As you perform the usual chakra positions, start by visualizing a cloud of light below your hands. You may view the light in your eyes either as a pale light bluish-white or as a pale white light. Use whichever appears to you. Do not see the light as though it is coming from your hands but as an illuminated cloud of light below your palms and as a layer of light around your hands, which is gently penetrating into the body of your patient. Using your light to heal require proper visualization as you will be seeing pale light around and below your hands in your mind’s eye as you allow the healing energy to conduct. Visualizing the light this way adds to your ability to transfer energy in a useful way. Always remember as you visualize the light to remain open to conducting the energy – you can perform both actions as one act.

You may use your light for other things if you feel comfortable doing so. You can start using the light to correct certain energetic defects in the chakras and the aura instead of viewing the light at each normal chakra position. This will improve your effectiveness to the techniques you employ.

You can also use your light to seal leaks or tears, for example. This can be done by performing the technique as usual. Add a brilliant layer of light to the other light just below your open palm, fusing shut and sealing the break while moving the hand over the damaged area exactly like a surgeon using a laser.

When learning to use your light, you may find it easier to close your eyes; you can use this in these ways as you employ different techniques. You can learn to open your eyes while using the light after a little practice.





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