As you may have experienced living in the light is not always easy. Lots of people respond to everything that life throws at them with positivity and good vibes – you’ll know some of them! They radiate light from within themselves and nothing can interrupt the peace they are feeling, and what a great feeling that must be right?

But for most of us, life is more of a roller coaster, some days are great, others OK and others just awful.  The purpose of living in the light is not necessarily a phrase I would use but it is true. When we are happy, positive and peaceful we radiate a certain type of light. Dr Fritz-AlbertPopp discovered photonic light, something we are all made of and when we are ill, injured or unhealthy we emit or lose our photonic light. Scientifically our immune system is boosted when we are in this stay of positive flow and people may say glow or look radiant! Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Well. you can join this group of people, all you need to do is cultivate the habit of living and loving your light and heighten your spiritual development by giving them special empowerment. The light we are talking about is a treasure within us and it is waiting to be discovered. In order to be happy, more positive and change your perception on how you see and react to certain things, here are some points you can follow to start living and loving your inner light today!


  1. Enjoy Yourself

Light, joy, love and happiness cannot come out of a fast-paced world. There are so many people out there that forget to smile and are always frowning because of the stresses and strains. Those people do not love their light and they have buried it deep inside of them. To love your light, you need to put a smile on your face always and also create space for the things that make you happy. Try blocking out at least ten minutes a day to do something you really enjoy – happiness isn’t just for when you’re on holiday after all!


  1. Live Your True Purpose

You’ve probably heard the saying, if you do what you love, you will not work a day in your life. What we have in us is to do great things in this life and on this planet. We need to find our true purpose to live a meaningful life. With this, we will live and breathe life like it is a gift every day. It’s never ever too late to find your life’s true purpose if you are yet to find it. To make this possible, you can try doing yoga, meditating and most importantly using your spiritual guides like chakras and energy healing. You’ll be able to align your mind and body when you find your true purpose and you will start glowing from within.

  1. Cleanse Your Body

We all know that we are what we eat. And since food is our fuel, you need to pay important attention to what you eat and drink. You need to purify and cleanse your body from cooked, processed foods, chemicals and environmental impurities to boost the body’s ability to heal itself. After this, you can concentrate on loving your light.  Drink lots of water, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and steer clear of processed sugar and caffeine – that’s a great start!

  1. Shape Your Mind

When you shape your mind, you will have the power to shape your view of your thoughts, your actions, and the world and even visualize the future. You can change what you experience in life since you have the ability to modify your thoughts from negative to positive or positive to negative.

With the perfect love for your light, you will feel fearless instead of being afraid, you will spread unconditional love instead of feeling hatred and you will attract abundance into your life instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Commit today and you’ll never look back!

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